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About the Book

Love is the primary characteristic of the life of Jesus Christ and love should also define and characterize our lives as his children. From the beginning of time even until now, love is the driving force and the deciding factor upon which Jesus built his life and ministry. This book is a tribute to a man who not only led by example but led with love for his family, his church, and his community.

About the Author

Shirley Croom White, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the command of God our Savior and of Christ Jesus our hope (1 Timothy 1:1), is the founder of the Love Center Church Inc., the General Overseer of Love Center Ministry Worldwide: Network of Churches Inc. and serves as the Dean of Love Center School of Ministry.  Apostle White holds a Doctor of Divinity from the Undenominational Bible Institute of New Bern, North Carolina and is a certified Christian counselor. She has received countless awards and recognitions from over fifty years of ministry. She is the widower of the late Bishop Daniel White Jr., whom she was married to for 44 years, and is a mother to four children, grandmother to 17 grandchildren, and great-grandmother to three great-grandchildren.

What Readers Are Saying

Granddaddy was the epitome of a fathers love. He showed me what agape love was here on earth. I did not know it growing up, but the unconditional love he exemplified to me and everyone he came in contact with taught me how to love others, my husband and my children.

All the best,

Raevyn Cotton 

My dad firmly believed you could travel the world, hold many prestigious titles, have the best education money can buy, but have not love, patience, kindness, tolerance and understanding for others, you didn’t have anything. Love is what it is exemplifies accepting people without judgement, speaking the truth in love, raising other’s up instead of putting them down. Love is what it is, is having the capacity to see beyond the faults, and see the need.

Sheila White Martin 

My grandfather’s declaration of love allows us to witness what love is— a feeling not bound by a testimony nor material interactions. Pappy knew best that after words and deeds— love, must be, what it is. Might his love, a mirror of agape, be shown in the ways we make those around us feel.

J. W. Martin, M.Div.
Yale University | PhD Student

Bishop Daniel White often used two phrases, “Who loves you baby?” and “Love Is What It Is.” These two expressions were more than just mere words, Bishop White’s actions backed it up. It brought a change of attitude and new life into a situation that seemed hopeless. A new perspective and a breath of freshness through an encounter, that was life changing. Bishop Daniel White loved with everything that was in him and he did not withhold that pure form of love, agape, from those he met.

Jhaki D.
Elder Jacqulyn A. Davis
Minister of Music
Love Center Ministries Worldwide

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